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Hotel near Sonora Desert Museum.  Just a short drive (about 11 miles) from the Arizona Riverpark Inn Hotel in Tucson is the world-famous Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, one of the area’s most popular attractions. The museum includes a zoo, natural history museum aquarium and botanical garden all in one spot. If you’re interested in the colorful life of the desert with all of its varied animal life, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum should definitely be on your list of things to see around Tucson.

Classes, Tours and Programs at Desert Museum.   Nature enthusiasts from all walks of life will find something of interest tailored especially for their interests at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Special programs, classes and tours abound. Learn about everything, animal vegetable and mineral, that makes up the fascinating desert ecosystem.  [Top]
Learn About the Arizona Sonora Desert.   The museum offers both part-and-full day classes for families and individuals wishing to learn more about the Sonoran Desert. Trips, tours and classes will bring you an up-close desert experience both informative and fun.  [Top]
Raptor Free Flight. This popular program centers upon the desert’s many birds of prey. Starting in the mornings, visitors have the opportunity to see and learn about Great Horned Owls, Ferruginous Hawks, Prairie Falcons and other Raptor species.  [Top]
Museum Adoptions.  The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has a Tortoise Adoption Program aimed at preserving and benefiting wild tortoises and turtles. The program, sanctioned by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, actually places unwanted or surplus captured desert tortoises into the custodial care of private individuals. Call 520-883-3062 for more details.
Warden Aquarium. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum opened the Warden Aquarium in January 2013 with a major 1,100 square foot exhibit "Rivers to the Sea."    The aquarium houses two galleries -- one, a salt water gallery featuring species found in the Sea of Cortez and the other highlighting the region's freshwater rivers and their aquatic life.   [Top]
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